In our household, good food was served every day! Greens were pulled from the stalk, string beans were snapped, macaroni and cheese was baked with the highest quality cheeses.


We wanted to honor the memory of our Great Grann and Grannie by serving the same high quality dishes and some of their recipes to our customers.

Great food and great service is what we strive for, and we look forward to serving you very soon!

Great Granns


We have been trusted to serve food for first dates, and anniversaries. We've prepared meals for the happiest times of our customers' lives, weddings, baby showers and birthday parties.


We've also been humbled to prepare dishes for the sad times too. We appreciate any time our meal can make an event better.

“We easily see how Great Granns home-style cooking and warm, familial service have set them apart from other carry-outs in the city. Its menu tastes just as good as it looks.”

-Baltimore City Paper

What's Cookin'?

Great Granns@ Melba's Place

3126 Greenmount Ave

Baltimore, MD 21218

Tues-Thurs: Closed

Fri-Mon : 5pm - 11pm


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